- Bringing a luxurious spa experience to you at an accessible price!

Once upon a time, there was a maven of happiness who woke up one day to find herself not so happy anymore. The hustle and bustle of everyday life became overwhelming.

She’d travel to places that were supposed to be nurturing and created to help her get zen on, yet she’d often leave scratching her head at the lack of customer service and even simple kindness. Where was the passion for one’s art? Where could talent, inspiration, and a true escape be found?
So she stopped going to “spas and retreats, and traveled instead to
the ocean and found her solace there. She would also travel to other beautiful places, like the mountains, the forest and find herself in nature where she could always conjure a sense of peace. She longed for a place inside the city, where she could also experience calm, tranquility and even connectedness.

One day, she traveled to a place so far away, it took three plane rides to get there, but after a very arduous journey, she found herself in the land of Bali. Wow. This was inspiration, peace, and bliss in the midst of everyday life! The piece she found at the ocean, the inspiration in the mountains and the nurturing essence found in nature seem to all come together when she visited the spas that line the streets and BALi.
And with that, the idea to bring a customer service oriented, nurturing, yet affordable spa here to the United States was born. Rather than affordable but generic offerings within a factory-like motif, she wished to create a true affordable oasis within the city – a place where luxury could be found at an affordable price. She envisioned a true sanctuary where once you enter the doors, the stress and hustle of the world melt away. The maven of happiness was happy again, and Spaphoria was born. 🙂